By Dr. Fatima Arafa
Ph.D. Islamic Studies

What is faith? Faith is not merely words you say, nor wishes you make. While wishful thinking may make you feel at ease, in and of itself it is not rewarded. There are some who want to strengthen Islam with wishes, and make themselves feel content with words instead of actions.

As Allah states, “And of the people are some who say, “We believe in Allah and the Last Day,” but they are not believers.”1

Faith is something you believe in and live in accordance to it. It is what settles in the heart, and is manifested in actions. This was firmly entrenched in the heart, soul, and mind of the first generations of believers. This is true iman.

Our gracious Messenger once said “There are three things for which whomever has them, then he has tasted the sweetness of faith: The one for whom Allah and His Messenger are more beloved than anything else; whoever loves someone and he does not love him except for the sake of Allah; and whoever hates to return to disbelief after Allah has saved him from it, just as he hates to be thrown into the fire.”2

To prove our love for Allah we have to give His commands and wishes our priority of everything else. And to prove our love for His Messenger we have to follow his path. The Messenger of

Allah once said “None of you believes until his desires are submissive to that which I have brought.” 3 Do not think that this is impossible; it is quite possible for anyone, and at any time.

We need to be patient when we seek to achieve our goals, we need to exert earnest efforts, act wisely and at the right time.

To love a person for the sake of Allah is to love them for their piety. We love that they are filled with taqwa, and iman, and because they work hard spreading da’wah.

May Allah grant us all with the true “Iman”