Here are the guidelines to follow during the entire month of Ramadan in order to insure plans for masjid on track without any further neighbour objections and with a smooth operation of the Center to better serve the community .
1. Daily community sponsored iftar and dinner will be provided through Ramadan for those who are attending Maghrib prayers at the masjid
2. Masjid has limited parking spaces during the construction, priorities of use are limited to elderly and those with special needs, in addition, the speakers and catering services. Use Carpool, cooperate with volunteers and security gaurds who will be helping with teh parking. Additional parking arrangement at Wayside Methodist Church parking lot corner of Cayuga Avenue and 259th place. The steet parking are also available on the north side of PCH.
Don’t block any businesses and neighbours driveways. Church parking lot will be closed right after taraweeh – owners please move your car out if you are planning to stay at the masjid. Do not throw trash in neighbours property or on streets. No noise on the night neighbours are sleeping and we need to respect their privacy.

3. Please keep quiet when walking to Masjid for Salaat and after Salaat to your car and avoid distracting neighbours at late nights.
4. Please avoid clutterign the entrance of Masjid with shoes.
5. Food is not allowed inside teh masjid, nor texting and C.Phone.
6. PLease stay in the Masjid during the Isha and Taraweeh prayers. If you leave after 8 rakat, please leave quietly
Dont stay outside to talk. Dont stay in the tent area.
7. Children must be kept, under parents control and supervision at all the times to avoid distractions during the salaat and to keep them from running around outside and avoid disturbing neighbours.