ICSB will be going online for our Ramadan events.

We have a daily schedule to ensure you stay connected with your masjid and community. Come join us and make it a family occasion. Please Click Here to help donate for Zakat, Fitra, Sadaqa, & to keep our programs alive.

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Daily Quran Recitation by Qari Anas and Family

15 min after Fajr
15 min before Maghrib
9:45PM after Isha Program (see below for detailed schedule)

Daily Isha & Qiyam Program:

9:15-9:45 – See below for details

11PM Qiyam – Friday Night Only




Problems joining?

Via Phone                                          

Via Computer                                          


Program Details:

9:15 PM  – Friday Night Inspiration
9:35 PM – Qu’ran Academy & Weekend  School Tafseer
11:00 PM – Friday Qiyam Program

9:15 PM  – Saturday Reminders with Qari Anas
9:35 PM – Qu’ran Acad. & Weekend School Tafseer

9:15 PM  – Family Sundays
9:35 PM – Qu’ran Acad. & Weekend School Tafseer

9:15 PM  – Tafseer Mondays with Sh. Ahmed Billoo
9:35 PM – Qu’ran Acad. & Weekend School Tafseer

9:15 PM  – Social Tuesdays
9:35 PM – Qu’ran Acad. & Weekend School Tafseer

9:15 PM  – Self Reflection with Mufti Wasim Khan
9:35 PM – Qu’ran Acad. & Weekend School Tafseer

9:15 PM  – Thankful Thursdays
9:35 PM – Qu’ran Acad. & Weekend School Tafseer

Friday Night Inspirations – We will have various scholars from our community come and share some words with us on how to maximize our Ramadan. Our first Friday will be a community kick off on our online program

Saturday Reminders – Qari Anas will share some beautiful lesson we can derive from the versus he will be reciting this month.

Family Sundays – We will have a variety of family activities like decorating your house for Eid.  Sharing cooking recipes from different ethnicities that make up our masjid, and even an Islamic knowledge competition.

Tafseer Mondays –  Sh. Ahmed Billoo  will highlight some important lessons based on select verses on how we can strength our relationship with Allah (SWT) this Ramadan

Social Tuesdays – We will have spoken word, chai time and other fun social activities to connect the community. Stay tuned for details.

Reflection Wednesdays – Mufti Wasim Khan will take us through some select ahadith from the “Book of Heart Softeners” for how we can cleanse our hearts in this month of Ramadan

Thankful Thursdays – We will have several local Muslim non—profits come and speak to our community about the impact they are having on the society at large.

A Taste of Suhoor/Iftar:  Ramadan Recipes

  1. Tomato Cucumber Onion Salad
  2. Chicken Karhai
  3. Zarda Recipe 
  4. Buah Melaka (Rice Balls) 
  5. Beef Randang
  6. Kanji
  7. Aloo Cholay