ILM Nights

Welcome to ILM Nights with Sh.Ahmed Billoo, Join Us every Tuesday night @ 8:00pm to 8:45 for AMAZING 6 weeks to learn about intricate details, descriptions, characteristics, qualities and conduct of our beloved Prophet Muhammad(SWT)  We will host an interactive Webex for everyone to join for FREE with different topics every week.  Please click the below Join button on Friday’s at 8:05pm to allow time to get set up and settle in for the talk to begin at 8:15pm PST.   If you are new to Webex please see the instructions below.   

This  Week:


1. Click Join Meeting:

2. If this is your first time using WebEx you will have to download and install the application. The program should automatically download and you can click on it to install:

3. Once installed, you will be presented with a prompt to enter your name and email address, and click Next:

4. Next you will select how you want to connect to audio. For the most optimal audio experience, we recommend you select Call Me at and put in your cell phone number to join the audio.

5. Next, to turn your video on if you would like others to see you, please click on the Video icon. You will see a preview of your video before joining the meeting.

6. When you are ready to join, then click on “Join Meeting”. The meeting will you call phone, so please pick up and press “1” to join the meeting.


Once you are in the meeting, your audio will be muted by default. If anytime during the class, you want to ask a question or make a comment. Please either raise your hand or unmute yourself to talk, or type your question in the chat.

1. To ask a question, unmute yourself, click on the microphone icon.

2. To raise your hands, click on the hand icon, next to your name:

3. To type a question. Use the chat window and type your question:

If you don’t see yourself or the chat window, make sure these icons are turned on (blue):